Get Assistance from Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Many children across the country are in an unfortunate position where, although their family's household income is too high to qualify for Medicaid, they still need more affordable health insurance options to have their needs met. The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a joint venture between the federal government and all state governments in the nation, was created to help children with the uniquely troublesome dilemma of being ineligible for Medicaid but still in need of more affordably priced insurance.

CHIP was originally created as the result of the 1993 Clinton health care plan failing to gain approval. Senators Orrin Hatch and Edward Kennedy co-sponsored its creation in 1997 as the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Today, the commonly used abbreviation of the plan's title leaves out the original "S" for "State" to leave it as CHIP.

To accommodate children in need of coverage who are stuck in the "limbo" of Medicaid ineligibility due to a slightly higher family income, CHIP works closely with Medicaid itself to develop more comprehensive plans for them. While all states offer some form of CHIP coverage to children who qualify for it, the exact extent of the coverage offered to children differs depending on their state of residence in question.


While not all states in the nation offer the same benefits under their CHIP benefit provisions, all CHIP programs are designed to be fairly comprehensive. In addition to different forms of treatment intended to address various ailments and injuries, the basic fundamentals of general health care are provided as well. Core CHIP program benefits include the standard set of general health care services such as immunization procedures, check-ups, and prescriptions.

Determining Eligibility

To be considered eligible for CHIP benefits, it is necessary for an applicant to either be the caregiver of a child younger than 19 or to be under 19 years of age themselves. Eligible applicants are U.S. citizens, nationals, permanent residents, legal aliens and U.S. nationals who are neither covered by Medicaid any form of health insurance.


Financial Assistance Programs Before & After Medical Surgery

If you take the time to put in due diligence, you will be able to find many financial assistance programs available to you after getting surgery for many medical issues. The timing and the reason for your surgery will often dictate where you should look for these programs in which to apply for. Many of these programs can help with the costly bills you will accrue from paying for the doctor's visits and the operating costs from the hospital.


It can be very difficult without the help of these types of programs to find ways to afford the cost of medical procedures. The same can be true for those with and without insurance coverage. Some of the following strategies for coming up with financial assistance can be used by anyone. Not everyone will have the luxury of unlimited time in order to come up with the funds they need to get their surgeries. After choosing the program you want to use, you will be able to schedule your operations and pick the best tax strategy as well.


Financial Assistance Help After Having An Emergency Medical Surgery


It can be very stressful to need an emergency medical surgery without having time to prepare how you will pay for it. There are many financial assistance programs created for this type of issue. Finding these programs is necessary to give you the ability to recover better without having unnecessary stress related to the bills and costs. No one wants to have to endure a huge surgery and then deal with the big debt it created afterwards.


Without Insurance


It can be hard to find aid for your bills after a medical emergency surgery when you do not have any insurance to fall back on. Typically, patients who are uninsured will be fully responsible for any bills they receive. Many patients will also have to be out of work temporarily after their procedures as well. This can lead to the ability of getting help with temporary disability, charity care, collecting unemployment and getting help via numerous settlement programs.


Settlement Programs


These programs are for those that will not be able to pay back the money they owe for their procedures and surgeries. If you own more than $10,000 in unsecured debts, you can get help with settlement programs. To be eligible, you will have to prove financial hardship.


Medical Loans


Land a Work from Home Job as an Apple Advisor

If you've ever wanted to work for Apple Inc., now is your chance. The Californian company best known for its innovative products such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, iTunes, Apple TV, and iOS operating system hires qualified men and women to work from home as Apple Advisors. Innovative and creative, Apple's long list of achievements include designing, developing, and selling electronics, online services, personal computers, and computer software. Being part of a company that has revolutionized the way people work and interacts with one another is truly exciting.

How Does AppleCare Work?

Apple hardware is backed by an optional service which includes technical support. In addition to receiving a limited warranty of one-year on the product, customers are given 90 days to use AppleCare as much as they need to. AppleCare products are supported by Apple experts who take care of issues in a single call.

Providing resolution to the problems that customers encounter is their main focus. The proof exists as to how successful Apple At-Home Advisors are because the company has won many awards thanks to the excellent service that reps provide. A customer satisfaction study by J.D. Powers is one of the many awards Apple received for several years.

AppleCare offers some home-based, customer service jobs. Apple At-Home Advisors work in virtual call center positions which include phone and chat. Their main role is to help customers with whatever issue they're experiencing.

Who is Apple At-Home Advisors?

Home-based positions with Apple Inc. gives Apple At-Home Advisors part-time or full-time employment options. They work through a call center instead of as independent contractors. The Advisors serve as the first point of contact for customers who have an issue with a product.

The men and women who work in this position provide technical support for a variety of Apple products including the iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, AirPort, and Mac Pro. Some Advisors are bilingual even though many positions do not require an employee to speak a second language. Languages represented by Apple At-Home Advisors include Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. Some employees that work-at-home do so temporarily while others find permanent positions that they work full-time.

Managerial positions do exist for At-Home Advisors. Individuals hired to fill these positions oversee a team of At-Home Advisors. The hours for the positions vary and students are given part-time positions while they go to school. The minimum to stay in the position is 16 hours of work per week.

Full-time positions are available for students during breaks. Non-students who work for the call center must work at least 20 hours a week. The hours are flexible but men and women should note that the demand for customer support increases during the holidays. Various shifts are offered during a 7-day schedule which means that Advisors are able to work nights or weekends depending on their needs.

Training for Advisors lasts four weeks and is full-time. Pair training is taught through a virtual environment. During this time, Advisors learn about troubleshooting Apple's many products, how to provide excellent customer support, which tools to use to get the job done right, and the processes that need to be carried out to complete each job satisfactorily.

Qualifications for the position include two years of experience for non-students in a technical troubleshooting filed. It can be in person or phone experience. Students and non-students should also be familiar with working with Apple products. The company loves passionate people who are driven enough to work independently.


Bypassing The Four-Year Degree: Pursuing A Career Without College

It is a myth that a Bachelor's Degree is needed for a rewarding career. Even without a four-year college degree, it is very much possible to have the rewarding career you have always dreamed of.

Many exciting career paths require special training or certification that is less than a Bachelor's Degree. With the high cost of college tuition, plus room and board, more and more students are graduating from college with huge student loan debts, then facing challenges such as high unemployment rates, modest starting salaries, and poor job offers. Those who choose trades or certificate programs often receive on the job paid training, higher than average starting salaries, and stronger offers of employment. They have the luxury of graduating from job training programs with little to no student loan debt.

An increasing number of students are choosing to pursue programs at trade schools and community colleges. A large number of employers work with these students to provide apprenticeships and internships while students are still learning. They graduate with job experience and open doors. For those wondering what career paths they can pursue without a Bachelor's Degree, the possibilities are numerous. Choices include carpentry, administrative jobs, IT positions, dental hygienist, and electrician jobs. Many other positions also exist for those who choose not to obtain a Bachelor's Degree.

Some of the best high paying jobs require more than a high school diploma, however, less than a traditional four-year degree. This is good news, considering how college is not for everyone. Many people learn better with on the job training rather than classroom education. Other people simply don't have the resources required to invest in a college education. Vocational and certification programs provide more specific training and job skills than many college degrees. There are many Bachelor's Degree programs that are broad, leaving the graduate to pursue even further training before an employer will make an appropriate job offer. 

The number of jobs not requiring a Bachelor's Degree is increasing annually. High School students who are considering their career path, but are not sure they want to apply to a Bachelor's Degree program, may want to consider some of the professions discussed below. 


10 Legitimate Side Hustles To Fit Any Schedule

Having a side job or means of making a little extra money is nothing new, but the digital age has made it easier than ever to have a side hustle. Best of all, you can generally find something that fits in with your schedule and gives you the freedom and flexibility to stop and start whenever you need to. Here are 10 legitimate side hustles to help you bring in some extra cash and maybe even grow a whole new business.
1. Put your car to work
Driving for a driving service like Uber or Lyft is a great way to earn some extra cash around a schedule that works for you. You can drive for a few hours a month or several hours a week. You'll need a clean driving record and a newer car in fairly good condition, but if you happen to have a more luxury model car, you can make even more money on Uber's upscale brands.
2. Deliver food or packages
If life passengers aren't your thing, you can still put your car to work driving for a number of different delivery services ranging from Instacart to Postmates to Amazon. Not only do you get paid for each delivery you make, but you can also rake in a good deal in tips. Best of all, you don't necessarily need a car. Some services even allow you to deliver via a bike, scooter or even your own two feet. You will need to pass a background check, but you don't necessarily need a clean driving record or even a car.
3. Pamper some pooches
Whether you are a dog lover with a pooch or two of your own or just love dogs but don't want the commitment, taking care of other people's pups can be a lucrative side gig. If you have a pet-friendly space, you can board dogs in your own home, become a dog-sitter or even just take some pooches out for a walk. Apps like Wag! and websites like are great places to get started.
4. Sit some kids
Babysitting is no longer just for teens and is becoming a more and more lucrative side gig. If you have friends with children, that can be a great place to start, but you can also create profiles on a number of different sitter sites. If you have any specialized skills such as speaking a foreign language, experience working with special needs kids or have any basic medical training, that can give you an edge in a somewhat competitive market.
5. House-sitting


High-Paying Stimulus Jobs You Can Get with No More Than a 4-Year Degree

Job seekers have different job opportunities. Any administration that comes to power is aware that creating good jobs for its citizens is a must priority. But with the current development of technology and the emphasis on efficiencies, many job seekers are likely to be wiped out by the increased automation of systems and sectors. This is because of the increasing use of machines and the possible adoption of self-driving cars, which will form the peak of the artificial intelligence.


The government has reached a similar conclusion to the educators and economist who are calling for more education and training opportunities. This is an important aspect of the economy because it will require significant investment by the government. However, through the stimulus plan by the government, it is possible to create more high paying jobs for the workers in sectors such as alternative energy, education, construction, and healthcare among others.


Typically, the high paying jobs in these fields will also require at least a four-year degree. There are other opportunities in some of the stimulus-related jobs after less than four years in college or through training. There is a wide range of high paying stimulus jobs that you can consider with a no more than four years degree.




The stimulus spending on upgrading and construction of roads, telecommunication lines, and other infrastructure repairs are some of the areas that would boost job opportunities. This would go to the construction managers, pavers, ironworkers, and welders. These workers play a major role in extending the broadband access to various rural areas takes home more than $50,000 annually. <br></br>


Electrical Work


Various stimulus spending is also creating job opportunities for the electricians. Those certified as electricians are used to repair highways, connect electrical systems and modernize schools. Training to be an electrician is done at the community college and other trade schools. The average earning of electricians is about $ 50,000 annually.




Stimulus spending in the education sector is also creating job opportunities for teachers. The classroom teachers have more benefits including time off and pensions. With only a four-year degree, it is possible to gain certification. Some locations allow bachelor teachers to start in a different field as they wait for certification. The preschool is among the areas that the stimulus plan is targeting to expand, and the secondary schools teaching is also a high earner with an average of $ 50,000 per year.


Look for a Job if You're a Senior

As the population ages and people live longer, the number of seniors who are working continues to increase. Sometimes that’s because retirement funds are non-existent or because they’re not high enough to support them, and sometimes people just prefer to work because it gives them something to do that earns money at the same time. Others work simply because they enjoy holding down a job.
Whether you’d like to work because you need to or because you want to, as a senior, it can be difficult to find someone who will hire you. It’s important to know where and how to look for an employment opportunity in order to have the best chance of getting hired. Below you’ll find some great resources to help you in your search for a job.


This is a site that’s geared toward seniors who are interested in finding a job. The site offers a variety of resources including a list of potential employers that are willing to hire seniors. There are also articles with information and tips on how you can get around age bias when creating a resume as well as how you can go through a career transition more easily. You’ll also find general tips.

Retiree Workforce

This website is another terrific resource for seniors, so you should take the time to look it over and make good use of its benefits. Similar to Workforce50, the Retiree Workforce site has a place to search for jobs, and it also offers a range of articles on how to find work when you’re a senior. In addition, it offers a section with coupons that can help you save a little money.

Retired Brains


The 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Millennials

US News has ranked the 10 highest paying fields that millennials go into. These positions have proven to be successful and might be worth considering.
1. Loan Officer
As a Loan Officer, you will be working for banks, credit unions, and mortgage organizations to help determine whether or not someone would qualify for a loan under your company's guidelines. You take a look into their financial background and make an assessment based on their plans for the loan and how much they are asking for. The average income for Loan Officers is $75,170 annually and isn't considered too stressful by those in the industry.
2. Accountant
Another economically oriented position, accountants earn around $75,280 annually and help both individuals and companies examine their finances. To be an accountant, punctuality is essential. There are records that need to be kept and pages upon pages of documents that need careful examination. Most business for accountants, however, is seen during tax season, despite still being a year-round occupation.
3. Operations Research Analyst
Millennials are raking in $84,180 a year to help companies with solving business-oriented problems. If you have a creative mind, an operations research analyst is someone who is contracted by companies to aid in boosting efficiency, coming up with solutions to complex issues, and devising solutions on how to further improve the company from a logistical standpoint.
4. Radiation Therapist
8 Years of college to become a doctor can be a daunting task. Besides the money and time, there is also the incredible amount of effort that's involved in holding such a title. If a medical field interests you, and you want to directly help others without the rigors of higher medical school, radiation therapy is a great option. Making $84,460 annually, you would be helping cancer patients and recipients of radiation therapy ensure that they are being treated correctly and administering the right amounts for radiation in the correct location of their body, to ensure their safety.
5. Environmental Engineer


Like Working at Night? These Ten Jobs are For You

Working overnight isn't for everyone, but many employers offer a nice incentive to employees who are willing to saddle up for the night shift. If you can get your body adjusted to working at the same time as the owls, you could be in for a nice payday. Here are ten jobs that pay better once most shops close their doors.
1. Wait Staff
There's a reason most businesses have a lunch menu, and that's because they're trying to attract the people who would rather pay a cheaper rate than dinner prices. The wages might be the same no matter day or night, but most servers report a higher amount in tips. That can add up to some nice dough, especially when you consider that the cost of a dinner meal can be up to three times greater than a lunch.
2. Machinery Operator
This blue-collar job has never been known for paying an outstanding salary, but those who decide to work at night can earn an extra $2-3000 a year for doing the exact same job. This makes sense since plants only generate money when their machines are operating, so staffing it 24/7 means extra revenue for everyone.
3. Caregiving
It's not often you find a job that pays well and provides a nice emotional boost as well, but if you love working with people, caregiving could be exactly the right job for you. The average salary for a day-shift worker in this field fluctuates between $17,000 and $29,000, but the average earning for those working overnight is almost $20,000.
4. Forklift Operation
Similar to a machine operator, warehouses only make money when they ship things out the door, which can include round-the-clock hours. Driving a forklift is a skilled trade that you most likely will need a license for, but if you can find an overnight job, expect to bring in an extra thousand a year than the daytime people.
5. Machinist


The Best Jobs for People Who Do Not Graduate College

The cost of college increases every year. There are many people who simply cannot afford the high tuition payments that are required. In other cases, students attend college for several years but then decide to go a different direction.

Graduating from college is a great way to improve your income and career trajectory. However, if you decide that college is not the right choice for you, there are still plenty of career options for you. Many of these career options require you to work hard or start your own business. 

Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is booming in many parts of the country. Now is a great time to become a real estate agent. The best thing about this career path is that you are essentially your own boss. Although you will not have a guaranteed salary, you can earn as much money as you want. This is a huge selling point for people who did not graduate from college.

In order to sell real estate, you have to pass a few real estate exams. Although these exams are not easy to pass, there are plenty of people who pass them the first time. You need to study hard before taking the exams. Not only will this help you pass, but it will also improve your overall knowledge of the real estate market.

Before getting started with your business, it is a good idea to interview a successful real estate agent in your area. Many real estate agents are willing to meet with new agents to give them advice on how to get started. Over time, you will be able to build up a strong client base and make a lot of money if you work hard. Now is a great time to join this field.



Top 10 Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

A common misconception is that a bachelor's degree is required for financial success.  We see this based upon the historical earnings figures for high school graduates over 25 years old vs a college graduate with Bachelors.  The college graduate makes approximately double that of the nation graduate ($30k vs $50k per year).  Of course, those without a degree aren't buried under student debts. 


Below, please find 10 thriving careers that you can pursue without an education.  The occupations we have identified offer salaries and job security.  These occupations aren't at risk of being moved overseas or downsized.  Many, you can control your own destiny.  


Society has led individuals to believe that attaining success without a college degree is an unfathomable goal. However, quite a few positions exist that people can obtain without going through a traditional college-degree program at all.


Dental Assistant

While training is required to work in this healthcare field, you do not need to attend a university. With varying requirements by state, finding out the specifics of the location where you want to work is key. Consider different sub areas of dentistry, such as an orthodontist's office.



Obtaining certification and going through the proper training is necessary as this field can be a dangerous, or even fatal, one. However, you can start on the road to opening your own practice one day without obtaining a college degree.



Plumbing is another field that's never heading out of style. Some plumbers work for companies that already exist in the community, and others start their own practice. Generally, you'll need a flexible schedule since plumbing issues happen all days of the week.


Construction Worker

The field of construction has an array of different job opportunities. For example, you might direct job sites for new constructions in town, or you might work as a brick mason who primarily specializes in the floor and siding of houses.


Massage Therapist


Amazon is Hiring 120,000 Employees

Looking for a new job opportunity? Amazon is currently offering 120,000 part and full-time jobs for the holiday season within 33 states. As one of the biggest retailers in the world, Amazon is looking to fill spots all around the United States for seasonal work as well as for jobs that could lead to permanent positions. To find out if your state is hiring, simply visit Amazon’s Seasonal Hiring Page and type in your state. This will also provide you with current information on the types of jobs the corporation is hiring for during the holiday season. Many of the jobs are simply temporary during the holidays; however, some of them may lead to permanent positions within the company. They also include various benefits.
If you are interested in working for Amazon, look at the following jobs to see if they may be right for you! The jobs listed will have varying rates of pay according to their location.
Sortation Associate
Employees will be responsible for wrapping up pallets of merchandise, building pallets and sorting packages by zip code for delivery. A sortation associate will be required to move the merchandise around by carts, dollies, hand trucks and other machinery. Associates must be able to lift up to forty-nine pounds and work on stable platforms forty feet high.
Job benefits for this position will include holiday and overtime pay, regular weekly pay, skill, and training development, and assistance program for employees. After the employee has worked for the company for thirty days they will be eligible for insurance for Accidental Death and Dismemberment and life.
Seasonal Fresh Associate
A seasonal fresh associate is responsible for the filling of refrigerated and/or freezer grocery orders. This position requires that employees work in conditions of thirty-two degrees or less, a factor that should be considered fully before accepting the position. A cold work environment is not for everyone and does take time to adjust to.
Job requirements for a seasonal fresh associate will include: lifting up to forty-nine pounds, reading and following English directions, and walking/standing for ten or more hours per day.


8 Jobs That Pay $50 Per Hour or More

Working a job for which you have passion is a dream that many, if not most people have on their life's "to-do" list. However, many people's passions don't end up paying well. However, if you're lucky enough to love some of the fields on this list, you'll have the benefit of not only enjoying what you do. You will also get a nice paycheck for all your hard work.


This article will reveal the eight fields that pay a minimum of $50 an hour. Earning $50 an hour equates to about $2,000 in weekly earnings. Many of the jobs on this list pay more than that. Read this list to see if you can find an industry where you can channel your interests, skills, and passions.


1. Human Resources Manager


The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that human resources managers make well over $100,000 a year, or about $55 an hour. Human resources managers hire and train employees, make sure that the required paperwork gets filled out by company employees and help create and develop new company policies. 


You will spend most of your time attending to the needs of employees. You will need excellent social skills to excel in this position. You might work as the only HR manager in your company, or you might be part of an HR managerial team. Most HR managers have a degree in business, finance, or education. 


2. Optometrist


Optometrists perform eye exams for children and adults of all ages. They also write prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, as well as treat the eye diseases of their patients. 


People who become optometrists attend optometry school for four years. Many of the nation's optometry schools remain competitive. On average, U.S. optometrists earn about $56 an hour. 


3. Computer Systems Manager


Computer systems managers come up with solutions to IT problems, supervise installations, backup company data, purchase software and hardware, and oversee all of the technology needs of their company. 


Most people who work in this position need to have an MBA to qualify for this job. However, you might find work in this field if you have a bachelor's degree in information science or computer science. Computer science managers earn around $58 an hour. 


4. Lawyer



10 Ways To Make Extra Cash Now

While it's true that the economy is getting better, it's also true that the pocketbooks and wallets of many Americans are still a bit light. It's no wonder that so many people have an interest in making some extra cash to supplement or even replace their income. That's why this blog post will give you ten ways that you can easily earn extra money.

  1. Tutoring
     If you have either expertise in an academic subject or are just good at teaching complex topics to young people, you can find work as a tutor either online or in your local area. You can look on Craigslist for tutoring opportunities in your hometown. If you want to teach students without leaving your home, you can apply for positions on websites such as
  2. Teaching English
     As long as you have a degree from an English speaking university, you can find work from plenty of websites teaching English to people from many different countries. If you're truly up for some adventure, you can teach English in a foreign country and make pretty good money.
  3. Sports Referee
     If you played youth sports when you were younger, you might have barely noticed the referees who oversaw your games. Well, these men and women didn't work for free. If you know a lot about a sport that's played by young people in your local area, you can contact the youth league for information about referee positions.
  4. Bookkeeping
     Bookkeeping is one of those skills that will always be in demand. That's because business owners will always need people to keep track of their records, taxes, and financial information. Do some bookkeeping for a couple of individuals, and word of mouth will get out about your services before you know it.
  5. Writing Blog Posts
     If you're both an excellent writer and a subject matter expert, you can make a sizable income writing guest blog posts for prominent blogs. You can do this on a freelance basis or advertise your blogging services on websites such as Upwork.


15 Side Hustles to Give Your Income a Boost

While many people have a stable or steady income from their work week, nine-to-five, 40-hour a week jobs, many Americans still need a little extra cash to get through the month or just to have spending money. One of the biggest ways in which people make a little extra cash is through side hustles and weekend jobs. There are several great options, and here are a few side hustles to help you make a little extra money.

Brand Marketing Representative

Craigslist is famous for these positions. Brand Marketing Representatives, or Brand Ambassadors, are comprised of people who are passionate about a brand. They help build awareness for that brand, and they even connect with customers and engage with them. There are full-time positions for a brand ambassador, but many of the opportunities are done on a part-time basis to help support certain events. Typically, brand ambassadors make around $10-$25 an hour, which is a pretty good side hustle for supporting a brand you love.


Bartending has been romanticized for many years. I mean, what’s better than making drinks and pocketing a few good cash tips, right? Well, bartending is not as easy or as fun as it sounds. You must first enroll in classes, and nothing is better than experience. Bartenders often work their way to the top after working as a busser, server, host, our waiter. Some work as barbacks, which will be discussed later. Finally, after a little training and experience, you can begin mixing drinks and earning that $16.41 or so per hour when adding up hourly pay and tips. Certain venues might even pay more.

Focus Group Participant

You might have heard of focus groups before, but did you know that you can become a participant and earn a little side cash. These groups are small gatherings of only the most select people chosen by market researchers. These groups gather feedback on different products or topics. Focus group participants have the opportunity to try out many new products, take online surveys, and even test out foods and drinks. You are also paid for what you test. There are several focus groups online, and how much you make depends on which group you are in. Focus group participants can make up to $300 per hour.

Event Assistants

For someone who notices tiny details or enjoys all sorts of planning for events, then the event assistant is the perfect side hustle. You would be responsible for things like behind-the-scenes tasks for weddings, corporate events, and even birthday parties. You would help these events run smoother. Event assistants can earn up to $14 an hour or more to help with the planning and execution of events. This job isn’t super glamorous, however, and assistants often have to work long hours or spend a lot of time on their feet. Assistants are not guests as well, which means you won’t be taking part in any of the events.

Delivery Driver

Becoming a delivery driver is more simple than it seems. If you have a reliable car, free time, and a good driving record, then you are all set to go. Delivery drivers used to be limited to just pizza and take out restaurants, but there are many more opportunities for delivery drivers today. GrubHub and Doordash are just two of the many options that allow you to earn commission on that delivery fee plus your tips for delivering.


When we say a receptionist, we don’t mean just any old receptionist. Many spas and hair salons are always looking for a great receptionist to take appointments, speak with customers, and more. You will need a friendly demeanor and a great attitude. Hair salons or spas pay a minimum of $10 an hour for taking appointments, organizing things, and more. Receptionists often get special discounts or gifts for their services in the spa or salon.

Barback or Host

Working as a host or a barback is a rewarding weekend side hustle that can give you a great foot into the restaurant business. If you don’t have any previous restaurant experience, these positions are perfect for those who are interested in waiting tables or bartending later. Hosts seat customers in the restaurant, and they are the first people that the guests see when they walk inside. Hosts must have excellent people skills, and they are required to keep up with waiting lists and reservations for the guests. These jobs pay around $9 an hour.

Barbacks are different. These employees do not typically interact with the guests. These employees stock the bar with the necessary things like ice, alcohol, glasses, and more. Barbacks might clean off tables, but usually, this is the bussers’ job. Barback work is more strenuous, and the pay is close to that of a host.


Tips to Become a Driver for Lyft: What You Should Know

Being a driver for Lyft has many benefits. You will be able to set your own hours and drive whenever you like. This can also be a lucrative job because there is no cap placed on the amount that you can make.


Age Requirements


You have to be at least 21-years-old in order to work for Lyft. However, you can create a passenger account when you are 18-years-old. You need to have your license for one year before you apply. Keep in mind that New York City does a separate background check. The background check is done by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. They have their own separate licensing standards.


DMV Check


You will have your driving record checked prior to working for Uber. You will be disqualified if your driving record does not meet the standards that are set by Lyft. A third-party company will be used to check your driving record. If you have any of the following on your record, then you may be disqualified from driving for Uber:


- If you had moving violations within the past three years

- You had a major moving violation within the past three years

- You have had a drug-related charge within the past seven years

- You have had a serious driving conviction within the past seven years


Keep in mind that Lyft can terminate you at any time. If something on your background check disqualifies you from driving, then you will be able to dispute it. You will get an email regarding your background check.


Background Check


Every Lyft driver is required to undergo a criminal background check. Not only will you be screened for driving offenses, but you will also be screened for driving incidents. This background check will be done by a third-party. Most records are held at a courthouse for at least seven years. You may be ineligible to drive for Uber if you have any of the following on your record:


- Sexual offense

- Violent crime

- Drug offense

- Felony

- Property or theft offense


10 of the Hottest Jobs Right Now

Although the unemployment rate is far lower than in the past, there are still thousands and thousands of job openings up for grabs. Read on to learn about 10 of the hottest jobs right now, what they pay, and what kind of qualifications are needed for each.


1. Native Mobile Developers


People expect their cell phones to load sites lightning-fast. This is where native mobile developers come in handy. They use software to help build effective mobile applications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, app developers can expect to bring in around $90,000 per year on average.


2. Machine Learning Engineers and Developers


AI is not just limited to Alexa or Siri. Artificial intelligence plays a role in everything from bots mediating live-chat functions online to voice recognition. It is estimated that more than 1,000 artificial intelligence positions are available at a variety of firms, with salaries around $100,000.


3. Javascript and Java Developers


There is a need for full-stack and front-end developers. It is estimated that firms often see five or less qualified candidates for each job opening.


4. Development Directors


Nonprofits have an increasing need for professionals with skill sets in dealing with older philanthropists and younger givers that donate money online. Development directors with top-notch marketing skills are especially important since emails can spur online giving.


5. Respiratory Therapists



Kroger to Hire 14,000 Temporary Holiday Workers

We are all looking for ways to make a little extra cash, especially with the holidays coming up so very quickly. Maybe you already have a job but you need to add in a little extra income. Or, you might be searching for a full-time position because you have been out of work for too long. Whatever the reason, consider applying at your local Kroger company for the holidays. You could score a job with the company that could last for even longer than the holidays! Best of all, you’ll be working with a company that truly cares for their employees. 


Busy Holiday Equals Busy Store


We bet you have noticed the increase in shoppers as the holidays approach. Everyone needs extra groceries to cook holiday meals for their friends and family. Churches and businesses are starting to plan their holiday festivities. The grocery store is probably packed whenever you go! All of the busy customers headed out to buy fresh turkeys, eggnog, pumpkin pies, and dessert ingredients will definitely need more customer service to accommodate them. That is when a retail job can come in handy!


In order to meet the greater demand that the holidays bring, The Kroger Co. has put out a hiring call. They plan to hire around 14,000 part-time holiday workers for the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. This call is according to the company press release Kroger Co. put out recently. At the moment there are stores in 35 states around the country as well as the District of Columbia that are open and in need of new hires. They also operate multiple stores that are found under the company’s banner. These stores include Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Roundy’s, and QFC. With all of these stores catering to holiday shoppers, it is no wonder they are searching for additional help for the bust season!


A Large Variety of Available Positions


Applicants can choose to apply for many different positions with the company for the holidays. As one example, a Fred Meyer store offered multiple positions for their store in Portland, Oregon. There are openings for the following positions: general merchandise clerks, electronics clerks, apparel clerks, parcel workers, cashiers, bakery clerks, meat clerks, deli clerks, grocery clerks and produce clerks. That’s a lot of positions! What an easy way to pay your monthly bills while being able to put aside cash for the holidays.


Various Job Duties


While there are a plethora of job positions available, the job duties will vary depending on the actual job.



Amazon's Growth Is Fueling the Need for Over 50,000 New Employees

With one of the most recognizable names in the business, Amazon is known around the world as a juggernaut in the arena of online retailing. Based in Seattle, Washington, they are steadily growing the membership in their Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping and a number of other benefits to members. Amazon has also released product innovations into the marketplace. Alexa, which is a popular personal digital assistant is taking the world by storm, and the Echo and Dot are a couple other innovative products they are known for. Shipping millions of orders a day to consumers around the globe, Amazon is hiring over 50,000 employees to help in the preparation of these orders. At a minimum, 80 percent of these jobs will be full-time positions, and Amazon also has approximately 10,000 part-time employees staffing service centers around the United States. 

The company held an “Amazon Jobs Day” in early August to get the hiring process started. To help potential employees learn more about Amazon and their prospective jobs, they held interviews at their fulfillment centers around the country. They have hired and are continuing to hire managers, IT specialists, HR representatives and for a variety of other positions. They offered jobs to thousands of applicants on this initial hiring day, which was to be the largest hiring day of the year.  

Amazon has a lot to offer prospective employees. In addition to benefits such as disability, health insurance, and retirement savings plans, they offer company stock and competitive pay in their industry. Beyond their initial target of 50,000 hires, Amazon plans to have over 100,000 new full-time employees throughout the United States by the middle of 2018. Should they reach this target, they'll be employing over 280,000 people throughout the country. 

Amazon is experiencing such tremendous growth that they exceeded 350,000 employees worldwide in April. This 43 percent increase over that same period in the previous year is why they need to hire more workers for data science, customer service, software engineering and warehouse work. Amazon's growth is exceeding that of rivals such as Google and Microsoft. Their unprecedented global growth is fueling a need for people in various fields and offering numerous career opportunities for American workers.  

5 Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job

It can be difficult for you to decide if and when it is time for you to leave your job. You spend a large portion of your waking hours at your job. That is why it is important to know when you should leave. There are many signs that you need to look out for. 
#1- You Do Not Like Going to Work 
The purpose of working is to earn a paycheck. However, if you are not happy at work, then it may be time for you to get a new job because the money may not be worth it. All of us have days where we do not feel like going to work. This is normal, but if you hate going to your job every day, then it is time for you to start looking for another place of employment. 
You should not have to dread Monday coming every week. You should look forward to going to work most days of the week. 

#2- You Are Bored at Work 
Every day of your job will not be exciting. If your job requires that you do the same things every day, then you will likely get bored sometimes. However, you should not be bored all of the time. If you are bored at work, then you are probably not being challenged enough. Studies have also shown that people who are bored at work are not doing what they were meant to be doing. Changing jobs can help you develop your skills and move ahead in your career. 
If you are constantly surfing the internet while at work, then it is time for you to start looking for a new job. You do not want to spend the rest of your career constantly having to check the time at work because you are ready to go home. 
#3- You Have a Bad Boss 
Working for a bad boss can be a nightmare. Horrible bosses are one of the main reasons that people leave a job. In fact, more people leave a bad job due to a bad boss than low pay. One survey showed that 80 percent of people who quit a job left because of a bad boss. Only 12 percent of people quit a job due to the low pay. 
A bad boss can ruin your work experience. Many bosses see their employees as nothing more than just someone to take up space. You need to work for someone who appreciates you and all of the work that you do.