Financial Assistance Programs Before & After Medical Surgery

If you take the time to put in due diligence, you will be able to find many financial assistance programs available to you after getting surgery for many medical issues. The timing and the reason for your surgery will often dictate where you should look for these programs in which to apply for. Many of these programs can help with the costly bills you will accrue from paying for the doctor's visits and the operating costs from the hospital.


It can be very difficult without the help of these types of programs to find ways to afford the cost of medical procedures. The same can be true for those with and without insurance coverage. Some of the following strategies for coming up with financial assistance can be used by anyone. Not everyone will have the luxury of unlimited time in order to come up with the funds they need to get their surgeries. After choosing the program you want to use, you will be able to schedule your operations and pick the best tax strategy as well.


Financial Assistance Help After Having An Emergency Medical Surgery


It can be very stressful to need an emergency medical surgery without having time to prepare how you will pay for it. There are many financial assistance programs created for this type of issue. Finding these programs is necessary to give you the ability to recover better without having unnecessary stress related to the bills and costs. No one wants to have to endure a huge surgery and then deal with the big debt it created afterwards.


Without Insurance


It can be hard to find aid for your bills after a medical emergency surgery when you do not have any insurance to fall back on. Typically, patients who are uninsured will be fully responsible for any bills they receive. Many patients will also have to be out of work temporarily after their procedures as well. This can lead to the ability of getting help with temporary disability, charity care, collecting unemployment and getting help via numerous settlement programs.


Settlement Programs


These programs are for those that will not be able to pay back the money they owe for their procedures and surgeries. If you own more than $10,000 in unsecured debts, you can get help with settlement programs. To be eligible, you will have to prove financial hardship.


Medical Loans


Here's What Today's Top Companies Want You to Know Before Applying

In today's highly competitive society, it's more important than ever to have access to knowledge. People who have to know things are likely to do well in any market. This is very true when it comes to finding a job. Anyone in search of a job needs to understand the application process and it entails. The world's best companies are even more competitive than the job market as a whole. Knowing what such companies want from their applicants can help anyone get a job at a great company. There are certain qualities they look for in most candidates. Knowing what they want can help you get hired.
 Share Your Passion 
 One of the most important qualities employees seek out today is passion. They want to see and hear from candidates who are committed to their work. A candidate who can demonstrate they really care about the company's needs is a candidate who will stand out during the interview process. This is sort of quality that can't really be forced. You have to feel it inside. This is why it is important to find job listings that really appeal to you. Your natural passion will shine through.
 Be Honest 
 Another important quality that any potential employee should demonstrate is honesty. Employees who show off their real selves during the interview process are more likely to get hired. Employers do not want to see an employee who is putting on a false face. They look for candidates who radiate authenticity and honesty. Think about your best qualities before you head for the interview. You want to show them off as you speak. Remember to keep to the facts and demonstrate that you tell the truth all the time. Show off your inner self and you'll radiate confidence.
 You Know the Company
 In today's highly connected world, there's no reason not to know the company you are interviewing with. You want to show off that you know the company well during the interview. Take the time before you go to look up vital stats about the company. Think about how you can show that you will fit in well with the company's goals. Your aim to show off that you've done your homework and you understand what the company is all about. When you've shown that you are willing to take the time and do real research about the company before you're hired, this will help demonstrate that you're willing to go that extra mile. Employers tend to be impressed at those who do.


The Eligibility Requirements for Medicare

You might have heard of Medicare, but do you really know what it is and who is eligible? Medicare is a federally operated health insurance program available to those who are 65 or older. A common misconception about Medicare is that you are enrolled once you turn 65, but that is false. You have to meet certain qualifications to enroll in the program and then you can enroll in it if you meet the criteria.



You need to be a United States citizen or a permanent resident with a minimum of a five-year residency. It’s also possible to qualify for the program if your employment or your spouse’s employment record qualifies them for Social Security. A person must earn 40 credits according to the Social Security program’s design or worked for a total of 10 years. You’re also eligible to enroll if you or your spouse worked for the government and paid into Medicare during your employment.


It’s worth noting that if you’ve earned 40 credits through payroll taxes, you’ll be exempt from paying for premiums for Medicare Part A. Credits are not a requirement to qualify for part B or D benefits. Your spouse’s work record could also qualify you for benefits if they are at least 62 years old, but you must be 65 or older. You may be eligible for benefits through your deceased or divorced spouse depending on their work history. This also applies to same-sex couples as a result of a 2015 Supreme Court Court decision.


Qualifying if you’re under 65

You can receive Medicare benefits if you aren’t 65 yet if you meet certain eligibility requirements. You are required to have received Social Security benefits before you can enroll in Medicare.


Other eligibility criteria that can qualify you to enroll in Medicare include:

- Receiving a pension from the Railroad Retirement Board

- Suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease

- You have permanent kidney failure that requires a transplant or dialysis, as long as you or your spouse paid Social Security taxes for the required length of time.


Unsecured Personal Loans for Auto Purchases

It may be hard to see any immediate advantages to using a personal, unsecured loan for any of your auto purchases. However, there are ways this method can benefit you if don't have more traditional options.


The Down Payment


If you use an unsecured loan as a means to make a down payment, it will serve to offset the depreciation. In addition, you may need more money to secure this down payment if your credit is poor. Down payments will automatically improve your debt-to-income ratio since it will include at least one monthly payment. Keep in mind that your new credit score might take an initial hit after you open an account to borrow money.


Unsecured Loans Versus Traditional Financing


Before you decide to take out an unsecured personal loan, you should learn what they are and how they differ from secured loans and other financial help.


Secured Loans


Secured loans mean that some form of collateral is present. In the auto industry, this collateral is the vehicle itself.


Unsecured Loans


Unsecured personal loans do not have a collateral component. Instead, the buyer signs a promissory note to repay any fees with interest included over a specified time. They can get the title and immediately begin using the vehicle.


Benefits of Unsecured Loans

• Using cash, you'll have some flexibility with car dealers

• You won't lose the car if you default

• As the owner, you decide what insurance to purchase


Drawbacks of Unsecured Loans

• Interest is higher because there is no collateral

• Chances of approval are slimmer

• The amount you're awarded might not cover all costs


Benefits of Secured Loans

• Interest rates are lower thanks to more qualifications

• It's more likely you'll get approved for this one

• Longer repayment times will lower your DTI

• You may be able to get larger loan amounts


Gametime Is Hiring Work-From-Home Reps at Up to $15/Hr in 14 States

With more individuals understanding just how fun it can be to work from home, everyone is searching for great work from home opportunities. However, to find a great work from home opportunity, you really need to do your research. Gametime is offering competitive work from home opportunities for those who are willing to go the extra mile. If customer service is your strength, this could be a great job for you. Here are just some of the many benefits of working for Gametime from the comfort of your own home.


What does Gametime do?


Imagine that you are ready to go to your favorite concert. You are running just a little bit late because work ran late. However, you are going to make it to the headlining act, but you might miss the opener. You bought your tickets online and now the printer has jammed. You can't print out your tickets and you have no idea how you are going to get in. You try to fix your printer, but nothing is working. Now you have to go to an office store and try to print out your tickets there. You are obviously going to miss your favorite band now. With Gametime, you can simply buy and show your tickets to concerts, festivals, and sporting events right from your phone. You will never have to deal with printing your tickets again.


What will you do when you work for Gametime?


If you are good at talking to people, you will love working for Gametime. With an app that has the importance of getting all of your tickets ready right on time, there are going to be customers who have questions. When you work at Gametime, it will be your job to receive inbound calls and answer questions about orders and about the app.


Are you qualified to work for Gametime?


If you love music, sporting, and other events, you will be a great fit for Gametime. Having experience in customer support is suggested but not required. You will need to have great skills with the internet in order to succeed in this job. Being flexible with your schedule is a must due to the nature of popular events causing surges of work. If you are self-motivated, this is going to help greatly.


Six Restaurants Offer Fabulous Coupon Deals

Very few things in life are more enjoyable than free food. When you can find free food that's also delicious, that's even better. For those who are looking for some really great deals, there's plenty to pick from. Many contemporary restaurants offer customers a choice. As long as you know where to look, you can really enjoy the rewards. Some of the most well-known chains offer lots of wonderful deals. Customers who love their food are often surprised at just how easy it is to munch on a meal using easy to find coupons.
Buffalo Wild Wings 
If you love the taste of sauce-drenched wings, this is the place for you. Not only does the chain offer wings and other things for people to enjoy. They also offer lots of coupons so you can take full advantage of their great prices. Savvy consumers can find lots of coupons all year round. Fans should look for lots of special deals that crop up especially around the holiday season. The chain will frequently leave coupons at people's doors as part of their year-round mass mailings. If you buy gift cards, the chain will often give you several discounts along with the card.
The Cheesecake Factory 
The Cheesecake factory is more than just cheesecake. It's also a place to grab all sorts of other things from burgers to seafood. For those who can't get enough of their world famous offerings, take heart. There are many ways to get the discount and or even free cheesecake that you crave. This is particularly true during the winter holiday season. That's when the restaurant chain offers their slice of joy. These e-cards are a great way to score a fantastic deal on the cheesecake of your dreams. Try National Cheese Day for other discounts and even free slices.
The Oceanaire


Save for Your Next Home With These 15 Steps

At the time of this writing, the millennial generation is currently $1.4 trillion deep in student loan debt. Couple that with the fact that the average home sells for nearly 10 times what they did in 1968, and you've got a nearly unreachable American dream of homeownership for the current crop of middle-aged adults.
But it's not impossible. If you want to own your own home, there are a few steps to take to give yourself the best chance of it happening.
1. Use Government Programs
If you're buying your first home, the federal government will allow you to take advantage of a loan from the Federal Housing Administration, which caps the interest rate at around 3%. For example, a $210,000 will only cost you a down payment of $6,300 - well within reach of most working millennials.
2. Enlist For Service
Joining the military has several perks, but one of them is the ability to obtain a V.A. loan which offers substantially better rates than traditional loans in gratitude for time served. In addition, the G.I. Bill can also help with expenses if you have money left from your time in school.
3. Ask for Your Inheritance
The prodigal son had one thing right: your parents most likely have money socked away for you after they pass from this life, but you'll have to ask for it. While they may not give you all of their estate, they may provide you with some financial assistance to get started.
4. Improve Your Credit Score
A higher credit score is indicative of financial responsibility, and banks will look at that to determine the risk/reward of giving you a loan in the first place. If you want to get the best loan at the cheapest rates, you'll need to do everything you can to get your credit score glow.
5. Get a Budget
This is good financial advice in general, but especially if you plan on buying a house. Sit down with all of your income and expenses and figure out exactly what size of home you can afford. You may be a few years off from your goal, or you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find out.
6. Move Out of Town
Real estate in urban and industrial areas is notoriously expensive, so if you want to get more home for your dollar, consider moving to smaller bedroom communities just outside of the city center. Suburbs offer a ton of advantages for a slightly longer commute, one of them being cheaper housing.
7. Look Into State Programs
FHA loans are great, but you should also take some time to check out the tax savings and incentives that your state offers as well. Some will even offer additional grants or subsidies to set down roots; check here to see if your state is one of them.


Jobs That Pay Over $100,000 Per Year Without Requiring a College Degree

Going to a four-year college may not be appropriate for you based on your circumstances. You probably wonder what job opportunities are out there that pay well but don’t require a four-year degree. Here is a list of some of the jobs that offer an annual income of $100,000 per year or more without you needing a college degree.
Real estate broker
Real estate brokers and real estate agents both help their clients buy, sell, and rent residential and commercial properties. A college degree is not required to be a broker or agent, but the main difference between the two is that a broker is licensed to operate their own real estate business. The national median annual salary for a broker is around $57,000, and the highest 10 percent earn an average of over $112,000.
Air traffic controller
The job of an air traffic controller is a high-stress job because they are responsible for the safety of thousands of lives every day. This job requires an associate’s degree, and work experience is preferred. The national median annual salary is $122,410.
Small business owner
Small business owners have several benefits such as setting their own hours, creating their own dress code, and writing off their business expenses. It doesn’t take a college degree to own a small business, but having some formal knowledge about the industry the business owner is in can be beneficial. Hard work along with a viable product or service can produce a six-figure income.
Fire chief
Becoming a fire chief doesn’t require a college degree, but an entry-level firefighter will have to work their way up the ranks to become one. There is danger involved in this work, and a lot of time is spent away from family. Depending on the size of the fire department, a fire chief can earn up to $120,000 per year.
Construction Manager
A construction worker who has several years of experience in the industry can have an opportunity to become a construction manager. Construction companies like to promote workers from within who have a strong knowledge of company policies and are available on-call to handle emergencies and delays. Construction managers can expect to make up to $131,000 per year.


Homes Repossessed from FHAS Foreclosure to be Purchased through HUD Grants

Consumers and agencies in communities that are beleaguered can now access grants to purchase homes that belong to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the US. The homes being sold by HUD are those that were foreclosed and repossessed from insured housing loans by the FHA (Federal Housing Administration).
The homes by HUD that meet the eligibility programs of insured loans by FHA are those needing below $5000 for repairs, but the ones that require over $5000 in repairs must get financing elsewhere other than from the Federal Housing Administration. Most of the homes are disposed of in auctions, and you'd do better to engage a counselor from FHA to assist you to navigate the eligibility criteria for the grant program.
Program of Grant Implementation for Choice Neighborhood
Some homes in places that require revamping are identified by the program of grant implementation for a choice neighborhood. For a half of their market value, the homes that have been identified by the program can be purchased by consumers through coordinated programs in the respective cities. Such homes qualify for the HUD enterprise known as GNND or Good Neighbor Next Door. Apart from the privilege of accessing more subordinate loans to offset the advance payments, technicians from emergency response services, firefighters, and teachers meet the eligibility criteria for purchasing the homes.
Stabilization Program for Neighborhoods
A steadying program for the neighborhood will oversee the stabilization of the communities and the neighborhoods destabilized by the abandonment and the foreclosures. NSP grants will be made available to the community, state and the national organization s which will then disburse the funds to individuals from moderate to low-income categories who qualify to purchase the homes, and shall have applied for help through the partnerships in the communities.
Those who will benefit from the grants will be required to meet the income limits which should not be more than 120% of the average income in the places where the homes are situated.
The Corporation of America for Neighborhood Assistance


What is Swagbuks and How Can You Earn Money From It?

There are plenty of ways to make extra money online. From blogging to writing product reviews, the options are nearly endless. One of the easiest and simplest options is Swagbucks. Known primarily for offering points for survey participation, the website has expanded to include several ways to earn money on the side. Members can now earn Swagbucks by answering surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping, and providing referrals.
Answering Surveys
The option to earn points through answering surveys is Swagbucks’ most popular and well-known method of earning. Members may select a survey from the list of those available. The website lists the estimated length of time the survey will take and the number of Swagbucks offered. The points may range from 2 to 200. The full number of points are only earned if the user is selected for and completes the survey. The higher the number of points, the more difficult it is to qualify. Most surveys offer one point if the user does not qualify, though some do not offer any points at all. There is no limit to the number of surveys a user can take or how many points can be earned through this method. There may be times when there are a limited number of surveys available to attempt.
Watching Videos
With Swagbucks, you can also earn points simply by watching videos. Head to the “Watch” section of the website and select a playlist of videos to watch. Each set of videos will list how many are included in the set as well as the number of Swagbucks the set is worth. Be careful with the videos. Some sets have over 10 videos and you must watch all of them to earn your points. There is never a shortage of options available, so unlike the surveys, members always have a variety to choose from.
Searching the Web


Mobile Apps That Pay You to Walk

Some of the best money to earn is when you can do it for free. For example, there are a few online companies that pay you to walk around your home, neighborhood, etc. Below, are a few apps we suggest trying out to earn money for going on a walk.
1. Gigwalk
Gigwalk is a great app if you enjoy going on walks in the city and around local businesses. The signup process is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is download the app, enter your profile information, as well as your PayPal information for payouts. Although Gigwalk is free to use, PayPal charges fees for processing your payouts from the company.
To use the app, log in, and when you see a job posted, accept it, and finish the assignments that are sent to you. Some tasks may be easier to complete than others, which is why you can make $3 and up for every task completed successfully.
2. Postmates
Postmates is an app-based delivery service that uses a network of couriers that deliver from local stores so that they don't need to offer their delivery services. However, if you live in the city, you can sign up to be a walking courier.
Sign up is relatively easy, all you have to do is create an account, connect your bank account, and get a background check. Once it comes back positive, you'll get a welcome kit in the mail, with an insulated bag and pre-paid card for deliveries.
On the app, click "live" to make yourself available for deliveries. When you get a delivery sent to you, all you have to do is "accept" to start the delivery.
Your earnings accumulate the base pay for the total trip; you also get paid per minute during the delivery, per mile for the distance of the trip, bonuses, tips, and any extra money you get paid during high demand. Fortunately, you get to keep 100 percent of tips, but you only keep 80 percent of every delivery. Usually, Postmates couriers make around $15/hour, and earnings are sent to your bank account four to seven days after you complete the delivery.


How Personal Loans Affect Your Credit Score (The Good and The Bad)

For better or worse, a consumer's credit score means everything to businesses. A high credit score gives a consumer more opportunities to borrow money. Lower scores may prevent someone from taking out a loan or even opening an account for utilities. By now, everyone knows how a credit score is used to determine loan approvals or denials. Most people may not know how a personal installment loan affects their score, though.
A Small Penalty In Applying For A Personal Loan
When someone applies for a loan, they give the lender permission to pull their credit report. This "hard pull" shows up on your credit report immediately. Unfortunately, a hard pull will drop an applicant's credit score by a few points on the spot. Lenders won't penalize an applicant for this slight drop since the application caused it. Future credit or loan applications will cause a similar effect to one's credit score.
Taking Out A Loan May Impact Credit As Well
After the loan is approved and disbursed, an individual might notice his or her credit score take a tip. Drops between 10 and 50 points are possible upon taking out a loan. Why does this happen? Well, creditors often view personal loans as a sign of financial hardship, at least at first. They're quick to assume an individual is strapped for cash and needs more in the form of credit, so they penalize the consumer temporarily.
The score drop should reverse itself after on-time payments start to hit the loan. Creditors will take notice of the payments and worry less about a given consumer. For many consumers, an initial score drop seems to disappear from a credit score within a few months. Banks and other financial institutions have to treat the situation like this in order to avoid losses by over-lending to consumers that have recently borrowed money.
Paying Down The Loan Brings Score Benefits
Consumers that pay off their installment loans will notice positive developments with their credit scores. As the loan is repaid, those on-time payments are reported to the credit bureaus more often than not. Payment history plays a key role in determining someone's credit score, and on-time payments mean good things to creditors. It's important to take every step necessary to ensure payments are made on time.


Simple and Effective Ways to Recover Unclaimed Inheritance Money or Other Unclaimed Assets

Occasionally, news outlet report stories about someone receiving a large inheritance. Most of these stories focus on individual that had no idea about such funds. Either a loved one or a random stranger left them money, and they didn't find out until years later. You might think such stories are incredibly rare, but they do occur from time to time. In most cases, you'll think nobody will ever leave you money. That mindset could make you the perfect person to never discover money that's been left in your name.
Thousands of people receive inheritance money each and every year. When a person passes away, he or she may leave money for a family member or close friend. Sometimes, funds are willed to acquaintances or somewhat random individuals. Anyone can leave another person money after passing away, so inheritance funds may come from countless sources. The average recipient doesn't receive more than a few thousand dollars. Nonetheless, any amount of money is welcome gift, and nobody wants to turn down gifted money.
What Happens After Someone Passes Away?
An individual needs to leave a will behind upon death. Otherwise, legal precedent puts funds into the hands of a spouse, child, or family member. Detailed wills often include names, addresses, and social security numbers for beneficiaries. Not everyone keeps such a detailed will, though. In most cases, a simple will won't contain this information, and someone with power of attorney will have to find beneficiaries. Tracking down people is never an easy task as an individual might move away or change names due to marriage.
The executor of the will must make a concerted effort to find beneficiaries of a will. However, he or she can only take so many steps to track someone down. If that person is easy to find, then the funds may be held by the executor. Finding someone that has moved multiple times or married multiple times can seem impossible. Plus, that particular person doesn't know an executor of the will is searching for themselves. This makes the search even harder, especially when only a handful of leads are available to start with.
What If The Inheritance Money Remains Unclaimed?
Assuming the executor cannot find a beneficiary, various things can happen to inheritance money. First of all, funds are sometimes transferred to another beneficiary. This occurs after all options to find an heir have been exhausted. Inheritance money could also be sent to the state to be held until someone comes with an ownership claim. Similarly, the state may receive inheritance money because a named heir has passed away themselves. Each state features slightly different rules on what happens to these funds today.
After the state receives inheritance money, funds are kept with an unclaimed funds department. All 50 states operate a department like this, although the official department name tends to vary from state to state. Other funds like paychecks, utility bill refunds, and other payments can be turned over to the state as well. Either way, most states won't make too much of an effort to locate an individual with unclaimed property. They don't have the resources or the requirement to do so these days.


Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Personal Loan

For some people, getting a personal loan is the only way to pay their bills. Some people live without any financial margin in their life. A personal loan is a great way to pay for a major purchase or an unexpected bill. However, getting approval for a personal loan is not easy. There are numerous people who struggle to get approval due to past financial issues.
Before applying for a personal loan, getting your personal finances in good order can increase your odds of success. The good news is that increasing your credit score and financial position is easier than many people think.
Credit Score Information
A credit score is one of the most important aspects of your personal financial position. There are some people who have a low credit score due to various financial issues from their past. The best way to increase a credit score is to borrow money and pay it back on time.
If you have a low score, the first step is pulling a copy of your credit report. You will be able to see the past bills that are bringing down your score the most. If possible, it is best to settle these debts. You may find that you have errors on your credit report that are bringing your score down. Once these errors are corrected, you should see an improvement in a couple of months.
Going forward, make it a priority to pay all of your bills on time. Some people struggle to make payment on time because they have so many expenses. Paying your bills should be prioritized within your budget.
Increasing your income is another way to increase your odds of getting approval on a loan. The higher your income relative to the loan, the better your chances of getting approval. Some people wrongly assume that they cannot increase their income from their job.
However, there are numerous opportunities to start a business or take on additional work. With all of the new technology that is available today, this should be fairly easy to do. Even a small increase in your income can increase your chances of getting approved. The financial institution you get a loan with is taking a risk by lending money to you. To maximize your chances of approval, you need to reduce the risk of the lender as much as possible.


Cash is a Great Gift for Those With Student Loans to Pay!

Are you financially strapped this year because of student loan bills? Are you struggling to pay the bills AND juggle Christmas gifts this year, all the while trying to pay down a large student loan debt? If you answered yes, you are definitely not alone!
While everyone else in your life is spreading holiday cheer and wracking up Christmas debt, many of us are just wondering how we are going to pay off our massive student loan debt. It’s no wonder- millions of students and graduates are dealing with student loan debt over $20,000. Making the minimum payment each month barely seems to put a dent in the amount, especially when you can’t find a great job right out of college. What would really help many people this year is if instead of getting candles for Christmas, they would get cash to help pay off student debt. The days of it being taboo to give cash are gone!
Why Giving Cash is the Perfect Gift
Many people still insist that the gift of cash is a tacky one. In fact, LiveAbout even included cash-giving as one of the six worst presents that you can give. But, surprise! Most cash-strapped students who are drowning in student loan debt think that having a chunk taken off of their balance is a great gift idea.
A recent survey by the Student Loan Report confirmed what many people are already thinking. They surveyed 1,000 men and women with student debt to find out whether they would like to receive a present or a cash payment towards their student loan of equal value for the upcoming holiday.
The results aren’t surprising to many of us! Over 69% of those surveyed stated that they would prefer having a part of their student loan debt paid off in lieu of a present this year. They would choose cash over the newest iPhone or the latest gadget! So if you have a student or recent graduate on your shopping list this year, save the gifts of socks, candle gift sets and alumni license plate frames and instead choose to give cash. You’ll be giving a gift that will not only be useful, but also much appreciated!
Creative Ways to Give the Gift of Cash


Are Psychics Able to Help People with Their Money Problems?

Arguably nothing triggers anxiety and stress more than when you are experiencing financial issues or money-related problems. When you are tirelessly trying to work your way through the difficulties and challenges to come up with viable solutions to your money woes, there are few things a person will not do to dig themselves out from a financial hole. One of the more unorthodox ways people seek help for money-related problems is by enlisting the help of a psychic, tarot reader or medium for answers and solutions.
Skeptics may wonder why most psychics have not utilized their own powers and manifested lottery wins for themselves. Many times, psychics have intuitive insight that does not directly translate to their own experiences, but they are often able to help others out of financial distress. Some psychics are not interested in riches or lottery wins. They simply wish to use their gift to bless others with relief from money worries, and they aim to teach people how to live a life of harmony, minimalism and simplicity. Some psychics, tarot readers and mediums actually do win large sums of money from time to time when their energies line up with the universe. They often dream of numbers and see visions of numbers flashing before their eyes. Due to their keen intuitive senses, they are much better at recognizing these fleeting moments as signs and taking note of the numbers to play in the lottery when the time feels right.
Money Is A Life Lesson
Most money-related issues are all relative and never really as catastrophic or dire as they seem. With that being said, when you are in the midst of a major money problem, it can seem hopeless to dig yourself out of the trenches. Losing money in the stock market or being laid off from your job will definitely cause major concern and take a toll on every facet of your life for a while, but these circumstances are not as life-threatening as being without food, clothing or shelter.
In this lifetime, we are all meant to learn a vast array of financial lessons; some are good and some are bad. Some people have an entrepreneurial spirit and are convinced that they will become rich by inventing the next big thing or coming up with the latest and greatest business idea. Others believe that the path to wealth is derived from hard work and lots of scrimping, budgeting and saving. Some people believe in the concept of working smarter and not harder; they put their money to work for them by investing in real estate or the stock market. There are many reasons behind why and how each person develops money problems. Overspending is the cause of many money-related woes. The solutions to overcoming financial hardship are as vast as the reasons why the money problems are created in the first place.


Grants That You Can Get For Your Home

Someone may have told you about the free housing grants. You may be wondering if you can really get a free grant for your home. You can get a housing grant. However, there are stipulations that have been put on this. You can get a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is a government agency that gives people grants for down payment assistance. You can get a grant regardless of whether you want to buy or rent a home.
You will have to get a grant through a community, state or local group. That is why no government agency will not give out any cash to you.
Are the Grants That You get for Free?
The grants that you get directly from the government do cost money. The housing programs that are for people are also not free. The assistance that you get is known as an indirect grant, or loan. You will be able to reduce your spending by getting an indirect grant. It is important to remember that these grants are just for people who meet certain qualifications.
The vast majority of the people who get help from these programs are low-income people. These people have not been able to get assistance from other programs. They may need a loan in order to make renovations to their houses. It is important for you to research the different options that you have. You need to make sure that you fit all of the eligibility qualifications.
Loan guarantees and subsidized loans are the different types of indirect grants.
Loan Guarantees and Subsidized Loans
Many people want to buy a house, but they cannot get a loan because they cannot afford to pay for mortgage insurance. They can help you pay your mortgage insurance if the government can approve you for a mortgage. The indirect grants will not give you the money. However, they can help you get the house that you want.


Government Assistance for Homeowners Struggling with Utility Bills

Formally known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP has been providing short-term help with utility expenses to underserved and at-risk individuals since 1981. The program provides block grants that flow to local agencies that provide the funds to specific clients in need. LIHEAP grants are awarded to all 50 states, U.S. territories, the District of Columbia, and various tribal organizations.
Nearly 7 million households have received assistance through the LIHEAP program. Many of those receiving assistance are families with young children, seniors and individuals with disabilities, those attempting to transition from welfare to work, and the working poor.
Without the LIHEAP program, many low-income families would be forced to choose between heating and cooling their home and other necessities, including food and life-saving medications. During peak heating and cooling months, it is not unusual for energy bills to account for as much as 30 percent of a family’s monthly income, especially since many low-income families live in substandard housing that is not energy efficient.
Origins of the LIHEAP Program:
The LIHEAP program was originally developed to help individuals struggling with high heating costs. Although initially targeted toward those living in the Northeast, Congress expanded the program in 1984 to include at-risk individuals struggling to keep their home comfortable in both hot and cold weather. The grants are a combination of federal and private funds, and the program itself is based on a successful collaboration between businesses, utility providers, local social service organizations, and the government.
Type of Assistance Provided:
The LIHEAP program provides eligible homeowners with several types of assistance. In addition to helping with immediate utility bills, a portion of the program’s funds goes toward helping homeowners make energy-related home repairs and weatherization enhancements designed to make the home more energy efficient and reduce the need for assistance. Although the majority of the funds for home improvements go directly to homeowners, landlords may qualify for assistance to improve their rental properties provided that they put up a large portion of the funds necessary for the project.
Additional assistance may be available to homeowners depending on the state in which they live. Some states provide emergency assistance for overdue bills so that utilities are not turned off. In some cases, funds may be used to replace outdated air conditioners and furnaces to improve energy efficiency and ensure a comfortable and safe home environment. In the event of a natural disaster, funds may be available to help homeowners turn off utilities or make energy-related repairs to prevent injuries and property damage. Anyone receiving LIHEAP assistance should contact the administering agency in their state for more information about the full range of services available.


Walgreens Increasing Hourly Employee Pay By $100 Million Every Year

Many of the largest retailers in the United States have started voluntarily raising the wages of their hourly employees, which historically have the lowest pay rates in the economy. Most of them have either pledged to raise their internal minimum wage, or to use a single large budget to add to the existing wage budget for those employees.
One company that made a similar move in the recent months is Walgreens. They have pledged to add $100 million per year to their hourly employee wage budget. The announcement was made on Wednesday, March 28th, and they included that they will implement the new pay scale this year.
Walgreens is based in Deerfield, and they are one of the largest pharmacies and convenience stores in the United States. In an earnings call that was held on March 28th for Walgreens, the co-chief operating offer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Alex Gourlay, made the announcement that the new pay would go into effect at some point in 2018.
However, a spokesman for Walgreens named Michael Polzin was unable to offer details about the specific changes to employee pay rates. Walgreens employs more than 235,000 people, but not all of them are hourly. That should equate to a few hundred dollars more per employee per year, which isn't insignificant.
Many other store chains have decided to boost their hourly employee paychecks over the last few months. In January, Walmart announced they were raising employee starting pay for hourly employees to $11 per hour. They announced the move would cost them $300 million.
Target made a similar announcement at the end of 2017. They reached the same $11 per hour minimum pay for new employees, and they pledged that by 2020 their minimum pay for new employees would be $15 per hour.
Another company to pledge an increase to hourly employee pay is CVS Health. They landed on the same minimum $11 per hour for hourly employees as the other major retailers, and they pledged to add more than $425 million every year moving forward for both employee benefits and base pay.


Virtual Assistant That Pays up to $60/Hour

All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you could be making up to $60 per hour as a virtual assistant. Do not think that you have to have super specialized skills like graphic or web design. There are many basic services that are in demand around the world. If you can master the following seven areas, you could be making a great living anywhere in the world: from your couch to a coffee shop.
1). Format Blog Posts
Blogs are the future for a lot of websites and businesses. However, it is important that content is fresh and clearly organized. Learning how to use WordPress simply means having an account and playing around with its features. Soon, you will know how to insert a hyperlink or image simply through trial and error. Businesses hire people to format Wordpress blogs so they are easy to read and clear. You do not need to know how to code or design websites at all. Working as a blog formatter can earn you up to $20 to $40 an hour.
2). Proofreading Posts
Businesses use blogs to draw attention to their websites, build their brand and to connect with customers. However, not every business owner has the time to proofread every blog post for content, grammar and appropriateness. Even if you do not have a Masters in English, you can still check to see if blog posts are clearly formatted, have appropriate punctuation, and fit a brand’s messaging. If you are hired to proofread and edit blog posts, you could make an estimated $15 to $25 per hour.
3) Manage Social Media Content
More and more businesses undersand that social media is the key to connecting with customers. Many groups hire people to curate social media content like links, images, quotes and more to keep Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts active and relevant. To be hired for this, you need to have an attention to detail and be organized. You may even respond to some people’s comments or Tweets. Perfect candidates can put themselves in others shoes and think about the types of content that would be interesting and helpful. This job pays between $15 and $40 per hour.